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We've been continuously improving the services to supply the clients using the greatest link building methods that they are able to advantage. Among the innovative services which assist our clients is the permanent and guaranteed linking services. Through our permanent linking services, you will be able to get assured that for permanent back links for your website. We used C class IP and check all directories are from different server to boost the ranking quickly. With our normal link building services, we do not have guarantee listings in the directories to which we submit. The scope of our services there is limited to submission of your website to link directories that are relevant website. Approval of the links is totally up to the directories. However, here that is not the case. We submit your website to a large database of directories that we own and manage. So we are able to guarantee you links. All these directories have good page rank. We have provided our permanent linking service to over 1000 of customers. Our permanent and guaranteed links will bring your website a great advantage with the search engines.

What is the Guaranteed Directory Submission for one-way permanent links?
Guaranteed Directory Submission are different then normal directory submission we will provide you 100% back links from the directories as per your chosen package. guarantee submission is nothing like permanent back links for your website.

How different is our directory submission service from our permanent linking service?
Our directory submission service does not guarantee listings in the directories. The service will end with submission to the specified number of directories as per the package you choose and the approval of the listing is totally up to the directories. The directories to which we submit your site are SEO Friendly free directories. Whereas, our permanent linking service submits your websites to directories owned and managed by us. We approve your links and give you a permanent link in our guaranteed permanent linking service.

Will the directories have unique IPs?
Yes, the permanent links that we procure for your website through our service will be coming from directories with over 100+ unique IPs

  • It increases your website’s link popularity
  • Links are permanent and one way
  • We submit your website to seo friendly web directories only.
  • We constantly, review, verify and update all the links in our directory list.
  • We do not use any automated software or script for directory submission.
  • We submit using various anchor text
  • Your site will be submitted to the most appropriate category in the web directory.
Manual Guaranteed Directory Submission Service
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